Solve challenges and problems with the

Macomi advanced simulation and optimization platform.

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Solve your challenges and problems

with the Macomi advanced simulation and optimization platform.

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Macomi’s platform is an advanced analysis platform using artificial intelligence, simulation and algorithms for optimization. The Macomi platform enables you to tackle your most complex challenges. The platform elevates your organization to the next level. The Macomi platform helps you get the most out of your data. 

Macomi Modules


Improve your rail management on crucial aspects with RailGenie.

Infrastructure and capacity planning
Adapt your rail infrastructure network to the requirements of your customers and determine the real impact of infrastructural changes.

Improve rail operations
Explore novel ways of managing your train and logistic flows within your rail network and how to improve efficiency.

Maintenance planning
Assess maintenance needs to your network and/or fleet of vehicles. Find an optimal schedule for all maintenance activities (periodic and continuous maintenance) while minimizing impact on operations and costs.

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Achive your objectives by defining the optimal strategic workforce plans.

Determine scenarios
Prepare for your future using scenarios such as revenue growth, cost reductions, capability shifts, or an aging population.

Size workforce
Determine the optimal workforce for your organization: numbers, skills, locations, and contract type.

Close the Gap
Determine the an action plan to close the workforce gap with training programs, hiring targets, career policies, outsourcing ratio, and automation.

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Custom Modules

Every company is different and poses unique challenges. We use our platform to build custom analytics solutions to face these challenges.

Prediction and scenario planning
Prepare for the future by compare possible strategies in varying circumstances to assess robustness and resilience.

Plan and optimize
Understand the detailed dynamics of your operations to understand and optimize your future strategy.

Use dashboards and animations to understand the outcome of your analyses.

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Make better informed decisions.


What is happening?

Understanding the present helps you design your future. Macomi enables you to structure, collect, analyze and visualize your data.


What will happen?

Increasingly accurate prediction models helps you preparing for the future. Macomi enables you to perform detailed forecasts of your entire business.


What should you do? Act!

Macomi’s true differentiator as an analytics platform: enabling you to act on your analysis. What do you change? How do you optimize? Macomi enables you to create the best action plan for your future.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Macomi?

Macomi has its roots at Delft University of Technology and was founded in 2011. Research results from the faculty of Technology, Policy, and Management, have been successfully commercialized and have led to the development of the Prescriptive Simulation Platform.

The academic roots of Macomi have not been lost. Our team members have strong academic backgrounds and we are often part of national and European research programs. This allows us to continuously innovate and translate bright ideas into actionable solutions.

Yet another data platform?

Data analytics platforms are abundant and have transformed the way we do business. They help us getting an insight into our operations, pinpoint issues and identify opportunities. But what actions do we take? Macomi offers a platform that harnesses your data to evaluate the actions that are most optimal to improve your business decisions, whether they involve operations or the implementation of your strategy.

What does Macomi offer?

Macomi offers an specialized analytics software platform that can be used to develop client specific solutions. Besides this, we also offer ready-to-go solutions for the rail industry and for workforce planning.

Who are your typical clients?

Macomi has clients all around the world in a variety of sectors. Our technology has helped governmental organizations such as armies and ministries; and also private organizations in high-tech, telecommunications and oil & gas. It has improved operations within ports and terminals. It has helped cities evaluate their sustainability agendas. Macomi’s expertise and technology continuously helps large organizations to evaluate their business decisions.

How about partners?

We collaborate with research, consulting, and technology partners to determine the best way of developing, delivering and embedding our technology within the context of our clients. We are firm believers of exploiting each other’s strengths to provide the best possible solutions to our clients.

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