Custom Modules

Client specific software

using a set of algorithms

for advanced analytics

We are always eager to employ our expertise and technology to deliver custom solutions. Explore some custom projects we have worked on in the past to fit very specific needs of our clients or within international research programs.

Custom developed modules focuses on 4 key elements

Data preparation

We deliver data preparation tools that help you determine a valid data set which can be used for further analyses. Using advanced methods we can determine identify patterns, correct mistakes, and complete missing data.

Forecast modeling

Forecasts help determine future values demand and supply volumes as well as all indicators that might have an impact on related business processes.

Scenario analysis using simulation models

Simulation and optimization helps us carry out scenario analyses and determine most optimal plans to generate insights into the impact these plans have on performance.

Schedule optimization

Translate multidimensional plans into actionable operational schedules, using a mix of constrained resources (e.g. workforce, material, equipment, locations) and with a high degree of certainty.

Some examples of custom projects


The Transform research program aimed at developing analytical solutions to support European cities to reach their environmental targets. Macomi has closely collaborated, among many others, with Accenture, the Austrian Institute of Technology and the city of Amsterdam. (Accenture case, paper)


Intermodel is a European research program aiming at developing advanced tools to support the design and operations of intermodal terminals. We have worked closely with many partners, including IDP, VTT Technical Research Centre Finland, and Contship Italia Group. (Intermodel website)

People's intelligence

“The award winning idea People’s Intelligence aims to empower victims and witnesses of mass atrocities and humanitarian crises” (People’s Intelligence website). Macomi has delivered the technology necessary to realize this noble ambition.


Synchro-Gaming is a Dutch research program aimed at exploring novel ways of implementing synchro-modal transportation. Together with TNO, Delft University of Technology, and the Port of Rotterdam, we have developed technology to evaluate new logistical concepts. (NWO website)


“NOESIS aims to provide a robust methodological framework (Decision Support tool) and data-driven evidence to enable the deployment of a Big Data in Transport ecosystem in Europe, by addressing the associated technological, institutional/legal, business, and policy challenges.” (NOESIS)

Innovation in service logistics

Together with Phinion, specialized in data-driven solutions, we have created novel solutions for the service logistics industries. The project has resulted in new tooling to support the tactical planning process of maintenance organizations. (RVO website)

Frequently Asked Questions


Which industries and domains are suited for Macomi’s custom analytics solutions?

Macomi has worked for both private and public organizations in a large variety of industries including the maritime, high-tech, defense, urban transportation, and asset management industries. Our knowledge and technologies is applicable to a vast amount of challenges found in organizations in which data and planning play a crucial role.

Are the custom solutions restricted to logistics or workforce planning?

We are always eager to use our knowledge and expertise in varying domains. Macomi has been active in domains not related to logistics and workforce planning. A few examples are a research program in which we have created a solution for supporting cities in reaching their environmental targets using big data; and a pilot in which we have created a communication platform to report on mass atrocities and humanitarian crises.

Is it possible to prototype solutions?

We follow Agile methods in work in which we deliver working prototypes after just a few sprints. Using our in-house team of specialized developers and our technology, we are capable of producing fully working prototypes that can be piloted within our client organizations.

Is Macomi willing to participate in research programs?

Macomi collaborates in regional, national and European research programs. Thanks to our academic background, we collaborate easily with academic institutions to secure funding, execute projects, and publish results.

Can Macomi’s technology be licensed as an API?

Yes, we can provide training and license our technology for 3rd party developers. Please contact us to discuss what possibilities are available.

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