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StaffGenie enables you to improve your decisions with accurate and reliable information. This tool is specificly designed to improve your workforce management. It helps you to achieve your strategic medium and long-term objectives for your workforce management. StaffGenie detects patterns, identifies gaps, simulates scenarios and evaluates the necessary measures to close gaps.

understand your current gaps and surpluses.

Prediction models to determine future workforce demand.

Evaluate different scenarios to assess the feasibility of HR strategic objectives.

Determine the optimal set of business and HR measures to put your strategy into action.

A quick impression of StaffGenie

StaffGenie offers insights into various dimensions of your workforce strategy. Our Workforce Management software tool uses prescriptive analytics, which enables you to get insight into the present and future of your company and to test different interventions to prevent and solve possible problems.

 A systemic approach to workforce analytics.

Taking into account:

  • Changes and dynamics within your workforce including headcount and structure; performed processes and possessed skills; internal/external talent; attrition, retirements and hiring mechanisms; career paths and internal transfers; and costs and salaries
  • Workload demand including expected future workload and its impact on workload; and the effect of intermediate factors (e.g. sales) on workload; improvements from automation/digitization
  • Transition drivers including increase of costs (due to e.g. inflation), shift in headcount, revision of performed processes, change in process effectiveness, and employee training programs and skill development.

What? Workforce planning
We focus on explicit long-term planning across multiple layers and dimensions to cover interdependencies across workload demand, supply of workforce and transition drivers.

Why? Shaping the organization
Future business environment challenges require adequately structured and skilled workforce, which needs time to be build up.

How? Optimizing uncertainty within certainty
The StaffGenie leverages upon the Prescriptive Simulation Platform which is designed to optimize scenarios under uncertainty.

Frequently Asked Questions


What data do you use?

Our data model is generic, meaning we can use data from many sources and transform them to fit the solution, capturing all significant aspects. Before a new tool is configured to fit a specific client, a design phase is carried out to determine the suitability of the data and assumptions needed to configure the tool. We can use any significant data regarding our client’s organization and questions they raise. Typically, it includes data on the employees and positions they fill, organizational and functional structure, employee skills/capabilities as well as skills/capabilities desired for a position, processes performed by the employees and the amount of activities coming from the work demand, attrition and retirements, hiring processes, career paths and internal flows, and others. Used data is always adjusted to the faced problems and data availability.

How do I define changes to my organization or its environment over time?

Interventions to the organization in time are defined in the scenario datasets. These are relative or nominal changes to certain variables, which could relate to factors like future demand, work automation, diminishing returns, workforce growth/decline, cost changes, etc.

Can users design custom dashboards?

Yes, StaffGenie has a built-in dashboard editor that lets users transform and visualize data just the way they need it. Dashboards can be saved and shared easily.

What sets StaffGenie apart from other workforce planning solutions?

Common workforce planning solutions focus on understanding the current situation and predicting supply and demand. StaffGenie goes beyond that: using forecasts, it helps you understand every single action required to implement your strategy. It helps you understand the impact of every single intervention you will need to take to successfully implement your strategy.

Can I explore various scenarios with your tool?

Yes, one of the main strengths of our solution is the ability to investigate a vast solution space of possible futures in a number of scenarios. Each scenario has its own output dataset that can be compared with other output datasets. There can be multiple datasets of any dataset type.

What KPIs does StaffGenie report on?

StaffGenie has a set of KPIs that it outputs out-of-the-box. These are on demand, supply, gap, processes, capabilities, skills, and costs. All these KPIs can be visualized on a global level and detailed to the individual position and role. Apart from these KPIs, client specific solutions can be customized to include novel KPIs.

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