Railway Simulation Software


Railway Simulation Software

for improving rail operations and rail asset management


Railway simulation 


Railway simulation is a vital part of rail logistics. RailGenie offers an overall view from conceptual and detailed planning to operations and maintenance. The tool enables you to improve your rail operations, railway infrastructure, rolling stock, control and logistics throughout the entire lifecycle.

Capacity planning
Determine whether the infrastructure can cope with future train frequencies.

Infrastructure planning
Assess the impact of new infrastructure projects on future operations.

Logistical concepts
Explore novel ways of managing how volumes are being transported

Maintenance planning
Assess maintenance needs and risks.

A quick impression of RailGenie


Optimize your rail infrastructure investments and operations. 

Railway Simulation & Asset Management

Manual and automated data input and versioning

Railway Simulation & Asset Management

Extensive dashboard capabilities

Railway Simulation & Asset Management

Animations and visualizations

Railway Simulation & Asset Management

Volume to trains conversion

Railway Simulation & Asset Management

CAD interface to design infrastructure

Railway Simulation & Asset Management

Optimal maintenance planning

RailGenie improves operations across multiple layers and dimensions.

RailGenie takes into account:

  • Novel logistical concepts such as a pool of shared locomotives, shuttle trains and mixed trains.​
  • Automatically generating train numbers, routes and schedules from predicted future volumes, a direct train schedule input or an intermediate solution.
  • Freight transport time window planning to manage arrival/departure times or timetable approach. The time window planning works with stochastic models to provide insights into delays.​
  • Infrastructural components such as tracks, switches, signals, shunting yards, terminals, stations.
  • Major safety and control systems​, such as Automatic Block Signalling (ABS) and European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) with ability to customize them to situation-specific solutions.
  • Train dynamics: different train types and locomotives have their own unique behavior (acceleration, deceleration, traction curves, resistance, weights).​
  • Optimal maintenance planning within the constraints of planned operations.

What?​ Rail planning
We focus on explicit planning across multiple layers and dimensions to cover interdependencies across resources, assets and control under various circumstances.

Why?​ Managing planning risks
Planning risks may happen across all layers and dimensions, even though you do not directly control them. However, awareness of them is a necessity. 

How? Optimizing uncertainty within certainty
RailGenie leverages upon the Macomi Platform which is designed to optimize scenarios under uncertainty.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can RailGenie also be used to model passenger transportation?

Many of the examples and success stories mentioned on this page are related to freight transportation. RailGenie can also be used to model passenger transportation, such as passenger trains, light rail operations, and combined passenger/freight operations.

Our rail operations are highly specific to our circumstances. Can we still use RailGenie?

RailGenie uses standard operational train processes. These cover most of the normal rail operations used in industry. The standard processes can be adjusted by users. Special customization to specific customer processes is also offered by Macomi.

Our company has little data available, can we still use RailGenie?

RailGenie has different levels of abstraction for using data. RailGenie can work at a higher level of abstraction when there is little data available. RailGenie can also connect to in-house company databases.

Our company does not have powerful computer or severs. Can we still use RailGenie?

RailGenie can be offered in the cloud or on premises. RailGenie can hosted by Macomi (and Macomi will take care of security, back-ups, technical support, etc.). The only thing that needs to be installed at the customers computers is a thin client to operate RailGenie.

How detailed is RailGenie?

RailGenie contains a very detailed model of train operations. Signals, infrastructure elements, security systems and train dynamics are all included in the simulation model. This results in very detailed insights into the capacity usage and bottlenecks.

Our company doesn’t have any simulation engineers. Who can operate the software?

RailGenie is a simulation-based decision support platform. We have constructed RailGenie in such a way that non-simulation experts can still use and operate it. Macomi will provide training required to use RailGenie.

Optimize the use of all your rail assets now and in the future.
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