The Macomi Platform enables you to tackle your toughest analytical business challenges.

Macomi specializes in advanced business analytics. Using an innovative, in-house built platform, we are able to cover the entire analytics landscape. We leverage data and process maps to understand, forecast, and optimize your business.

The Macomi Platform is developed for modularity, scalability, flexibility, and customizability, and is easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures.


  • Forecasting using big data and machine learning
  • Numerical and planning optimization using operations research, evolutionary algorithms, and linear programming
  • Scheduling using constraint satisfaction


  • Modularity of components ensuring self-contained functionality with well defined interfaces
  • Interoperability of components with standardized communication between components at syntax, semantic and pragmatic levels
  • Reusability of components enabled by each component functionality that is generic enough to be used in different use cases
  • Flexibility of components that can be parameterized to easily represent different scenarios


  • Shorter model delivery lead time
  • Reduced cost of model development (reuse, economies of scale)
  • Better structural quality of the code (complexity management)
  • Continuous improvement of the code base
  • Facilitates automatic generation of composite models

Data interoperability

  • File import: flat files, Excel sheets
  • Relational databases: all common SQL databases such as MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Enterprise systems such as provided by SAP and Microsoft
  • Specialized databases based on GIS and BIM and formats such as CAD

Tackle your toughest analytical business challenges.

Be at the forefront of analytics using Macomi’s platform.

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The Macomi Platform is offered on premise and as a service

On Premise

On premises offering allows you to deploy Macomi and additional modules on your existing IT-infrastructure. The commercial offering consists of:

  • Configuration of the platform to client needs
  • Licensing of the platform
  • Maintenance and support
  • Support for technical and business questions
  • Upgrades of the software

As A Service

“As a service” offering guarantees the availability of the configured software to its users. The entire solution is available online.

Macomi’s commercial offering is simplified to a yearly fee on a usage basis.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does the platform support user management?

Our platform has a user management system coupled to functional and dataset access control. The platform offers possibilities to create, edit and delete users or to connect to an external system. We not only have different user types with different abilities (reading/writing privileges), but access restrictions may apply also to being able to access (part of) data. An example for that would be a team leader only being able to see data for one’s own team.

Does the platform run in the cloud or on premises?

We offer the platform as a cloud solution or as an on premises solution. Our cloud solution scales well with your analyses needs in a secure environment. The on premises solution is ideal when our client’s IT needs requires sensitive data to remain within the company network. In both setups, Macomi provides technical support and maintenance.

Can we connect to existing warehouses/enterprise systems?

Our platform includes ETL components to connect to external systems. This is used to import data from existing systems. Data can be exported to external web services through web services or common databases.

How long does it normally take to have a solution up and running for a new client?

That of course depends on a specific implementation. However, our experience is that if the data is available, we are usually able to deliver in as little as 8 to 12 weeks.

Which domains is the platform best suited for?

The platform is best suited for tactical and strategic management of workforces and logistics. We have developed solutions for varied applications such as capacity planning for field force engineers, maintenance activities, terminal operations, and inventory management.

What type of visualizations are possible?

The platform contains extensive functionalities on creating and visualizing dashboards. Using a built-in dashboard designer, users can use all input and output data to create new dashboards with text, data tables, charts, and maps. We provide training on how to use the tool or prepare them together with a client during workshops.