Advanced maritime traffic analysis for supporting daily operations in the port and supporting decisions on port investment 


Port Simulation 


Simulation and optimizing maritime traffic and infrastructure is vital to decision making in ports. Whether it is long-term simulation to design and compare new investments such as terminals or locks, or assistance in managing traffic flows by integrating to live data: PortGenie covers it all.

Investment scenarios
Compare variants of new infrastructure or assets with quantitative insights.

Capacity analysis
Identify potential bottlenecks based on long-term demand of waterways.

Operational simulation
Support operational decisions by simulating an hour ahead.

Optimal planning
Optimize the planning of your maritime assets such as locks and berths.

A quick impression of PortGenie


Optimize your maritime infrastructure investments and operations. 

Maritime Traffic Simulation

Detailed animation of simulated vessels

Maritime Traffic Simulation

Extensive dashboard capabilities

Maritime Traffic Simulation

Heat-maps of vessel interactions

Maritime Traffic Simulation

CAD interface to design infrastructure

Maritime Traffic Simulation

Optimal lock planning

Maritime Traffic Simulation

Optimal berth planning

PortGenie improves your maritime operations by offering the most detailed vessel simulation available.

PortGenie includes:

  • Customizable vessel characteristics for all types of vessels (Container, barge, general cargo, liquid bulk, cruise, RoRo, etc.)
  • Minimum and maximum speeds with dynamic speed restrictions based on location, vessel type, attached tugboats, and operations such as turning
  • Dynamic acceleration/deceleration of vessels to ensure realistic speed patterns over time
  • Safeguarding distances and width restrictions (in all directions)​.
  • Using actual widths of the waterway and dynamic width occupation by the vessel to determine feasible interactions. Dynamic width occupation based on size, curvature of path and process​
  • Advanced priority calculation, factoring in dimensions, draught, operations, and any relevant windows during sailing due to for example traffic or tide
  • Configurable take-over logic based on the speed difference between vessels and a look-ahead procedure
  • Optimal planning of assets such as berths and locks, based on cutting-edge operations research algorithms.

What?​ Maritime traffic simulation
We focus on explicit and detailed simulation of all maritime operations, to cover interdependencies across all resources, assets, and infrastructure.

Why?Supporting decisions
Whether it is decisions on long-term investments or controlling your maritime traffic from day to day: Maritime simulation support the decision-making process. 

How? Quantitative insight
With maritime simulation you can get quantitative support for any simulated scenario, with extensive dashboards, geographical visualizations, and detailed comparisons.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our company has little data available. Can we still use PortGenie?

PortGenie has different levels of abstraction for using data. PortGenie can work at a higher level of abstraction when there is little data available. PortGenie can also connect to in-house company databases, or with live data such as radar or AIS.

How detailed is PortGenie?

PortGenie is a very detailed model for vessel simulation. The waterways are segmented into small zones of a few meters long with dynamic width utilisation based on any vessel operations. Vessels accelerate and decelerate dynamically with speed variance calculated with millisecond precision. This results in a very detailed traffic model applicable on both the tactical and operational level.

Our company does not have powerful computer or severs. Can we still use PortGenie?

PortGenie can be offered in the cloud or on premises. PortGenie can hosted by Macomi (and Macomi will take care of security, back-ups, technical support, etc.). The only thing that needs to be installed at the customers computers is a thin client to operate PortGenie.

Can PortGenie be used to simulate vessels outside of the port? 

PortGenie is designed completely modular and configurable. It can be employed for any situation where vessel traffic takes place. Think for example about simulation of one-way traffic on a narrow river, or of barge traffic over a long canal with sequential locks.

Our company has no need for full simulation and only wants to optimise planning our assets. Does PortGenie offer options for this?

PortGenie has modules for optimising assets such as berth planning or lock planning. These modules can be run independently of vessel simulation. For a long-term simulation they can give a theoretical plan without disruptions or can account for statistical disruptions that would normally come from traffic. For operational usage they can integrate with live data to assist in day-to-day planning.

Our company doesn’t have any simulation engineers. Who can operate the software?

PortGenie is a simulation-based decision support platform. We have constructed PortGenie in such a way that non-simulation experts can still use and operate it. Macomi will provide training required to use PortGenie.

Optimize maritime traffic now and in the future.
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